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Indoor Radon in Bq/m³

The results of indoor radon tests published on this map belong to the RadonTest Group and our partners. Publication of this data on other websites is permitted only on the basis of a link to the resource: https://radonmap.online/indoorradon. Using this data in any other way without agreement with the RadonTest Group is prohibited and illegal.

You can contact us and get additional information using the feedback, as well as order a radon test in your home or workplace, or connect your laboratory to “RadonTest” online system for independent indoor radon tests.

News & Events

The paper entitled “A radon survey in Israel involving school children by means of the “RadonTest” online system”, by the members of RadonTest Group, describing the first practical use of the RadonTest online system in mass surveying of indoor radon is presented at the 9th International Symposium on Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM IX), 23—27 September 2019, Denver, Colorado, USA (https://www.crcpd.org/normix).

Please contact us for getting more details about the system and its potential uses in different fields of online environmental monitoring.

The test results are displayed in the public Radon Map as markers in the form of circles with a diameter of about 120 m at the maximum scale of the map in order to maintain anonymity of the test participants. The colors of the markers correspond to the radon concentration scale, which is shown below the map. In addition, each marker contains the information about indoor radon concentration (the most probable value and instrumental uncertainty) for the test period, as well as the duration and date of the test start. Thus, the constructed Radon Map does not contain any personal data, but at the same time displays the spatial distribution of radon in buildings and its extreme values. This way of displaying test results contains more information and is also more understandable to test participants, their neighbors, and any interested people.

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